Canoeing Across America

I am excited to announce that I'll be canoeing across America from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean over the coming months!  

This has been a bucket list dream of mine for some time and it really resonates…

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A New Year

With another orbit around the sun, I've been reflecting a lot on how so much of life happens in the subtle moments between our destinations and our goals. 

Despite (and within) the challenges, I feel so deeply grateful…

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Back in the Studio

The next album is in the works! Excited to keep working on what I have been pouring my heart and soul into lately 😊🎶 

In This Place Review

Thank you Randall Radic and for such a complimentary review of my new album! It means so much to me that people are resonating with something I've put so much of my heart into over the…

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In This Place Music Video

I'm pleased to announce the release of the music video for the title track of my new album, "In This Place"! Filmed last fall with my friend Graham Kinley while connecting with my roots in the Yukon Territory, Canada, where…

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A New Decade

A couple weeks ago I reached my 30's. Hard to believe I've had so many incredible years on this planet already but here I am. Words can't properly  express how blessed I feel to be here, all the support…

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A Full Heart

It's been a couple weeks now since fully releasing my third album, "In This Place", and I can't thank people enough for the incredible support and good energy I've been receiving. So glad people are resonating meaningfully with a…

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"In This Place" Album Release

Very pleased to announce the official release of my new album, "In This Place", today It's been an over three year journey to bring this whole project into being and I have nothing but gratitude for the amazing people…

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In This Place Presave

I am pleased to officially share the cover art for my new album "ln This Place", which is set to be released exactly 4 weeks from today on September 18th 🙌💛🎶 

You can now presave the album on…

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Summer Melodies

Hope everyone's summer is going well all things considered : ) There are several exciting things on the horizon right now in regards to my music, including the release of my new album "In This Place" this coming September…

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New Single: With You

I'm pleased to announce to the release of my latest single "With You" now available on all platforms! Special thanks to my talented co-producer and audio engineer David Tallarico for his endless patience and friendship while bringing this into being…

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Spotify Milestone

Cool milestone to reach two days out from the upcoming release of my latest single "With You"! Cheers everyone, thanks for all the love and support : )