What has been happening is rough.. There's no good way to say it. But despite the darkness. The world is still a wonderful place. 

Still so much to be grateful for and so easy to take it all for granted. 

This photo is flashback to a different world.. but one that I hope we will eventually be able to return to with some deeper appreciation and perspective. 

As of now, I'm just trying to spend more of this time simply appreciating the gift of being alive. 

Trying to get inspired to continue the journey of learning and letting go, forgiving, loving, and growing within myself, with the people that matter to me (in spirit), and the worlds I am a part of, day by day. 

Sending my best to everyone. 

It's not always easy, but thank you to everyone who is loving and supporting one another, rising up from the fear, and choosing kindness and compassion during these scary times. 

And a deep thank you to the brave people that are on the front lines helping those in need and keeping the world turning 🙏💛🌞🌱