Off Center Fest 2016

The weekend before last I was invited to play music for these wonderful folks at their now inaugural, rootsy "Off Center Fest". Brittany and Ryan have 50 acres on a wooded hill outside of Port Townsend, Washington, they'd renovated an old bus into one of the nicest mobile homes I've ever seen and ran the whole weekend event off of solar power up on their little mountain. 

I was fortunate enough to meet and hang out with some of the awesome locals and friends of these two and listen to some other great bands who came out before playing on Saturday. About halfway through my set there was a torrential downpour and the campfire nearby was nearly put out billowing smoke into the little pavilion I was playing under. Probably tapping into busking instincts, I kept playing through the storm and with the support and cheers of the epic festival crew and we managed to keep the party alive! Shortly after the full moon came out and we danced and laughed the night away to make for some good times I'll never forget. 

Thank you guys for sharing your dream with me and making me feel so welcome. I'd be happy to help in finishing off the endless bag of bus pancake mix in some of Off Center Fest's to come :)