"In This Place" Album Release 

Very pleased to announce the official release of my new album, "In This Place", today It's been an over three year journey to bring this whole project into being and I have nothing but gratitude for the amazing people that have inspired, helped and encouraged me along the way, especially my long time audio-engineer and co-producer David Tallarico.  

This album has a lot of special meaning for me. Beyond blending in new genres and evolving/growing sonically, I truly think I've poured everything I could into each song individually and as a cohesive whole. I've given this project everything I have and it's coming right from the heart. All that being said, I'm so glad and grateful to finally being setting it free into the world. I hope this album resonates with people and thank you for listening <3

In This Place Presave 

I am pleased to officially share the cover art for my new album "ln This Place", which is set to be released exactly 4 weeks from today on September 18th 🙌💛🎶 

You can now presave the album on Spotify.

Can't wait to share this three year journey of soul and sound with you all in the near future! 😊

Summer Melodies 

Hope everyone's summer is going well all things considered : ) There are several exciting things on the horizon right now in regards to my music, including the release of my new album "In This Place" this coming September and a lot of new songwriting! Despite the seemingly continuous chaos in the world, there is still so much to be grateful for. Wishing everyone health and happiness over the rest of the summer and into the fall <3

New Single: With You 

I'm pleased to announce to the release of my latest single "With You" now available on all platforms! Special thanks to my talented co-producer and audio engineer David Tallarico for his endless patience and friendship while bringing this into being and violin maestro Johnson Cheung for helping this track resonate on another level. Excited to share my new full length album "In This Place" with you all in the near future : ) 

Spotify Milestone 

Cool milestone to reach two days out from the upcoming release of my latest single "With You"! Cheers everyone, thanks for all the love and support : )


What has been happening is rough.. There's no good way to say it. But despite the darkness. The world is still a wonderful place. 

Still so much to be grateful for and so easy to take it all for granted. 

This photo is flashback to a different world.. but one that I hope we will eventually be able to return to with some deeper appreciation and perspective. 

As of now, I'm just trying to spend more of this time simply appreciating the gift of being alive. 

Trying to get inspired to continue the journey of learning and letting go, forgiving, loving, and growing within myself, with the people that matter to me (in spirit), and the worlds I am a part of, day by day. 

Sending my best to everyone. 

It's not always easy, but thank you to everyone who is loving and supporting one another, rising up from the fear, and choosing kindness and compassion during these scary times. 

And a deep thank you to the brave people that are on the front lines helping those in need and keeping the world turning 🙏💛🌞🌱 


Walk in the Woods 

So easy to forget how much nature nourishes and heals the soul.  

Spending more time outside lately has brought with it a renewed appreciation for going back to the roots of what I love to do and why its meaningful to me.  

Dreams, aspirations, and the effort to turn them into some form of reality has it's own kind of struggle, magic and meaning. But sometimes it's nice to be reminded to simply let go and breathe in the miracle of being part of it all. 

We all start off there.. now looking forward to returning to that state of being and reigniting that wonder and appreciation in all the little ways, day by day. 

Seasons Greetings 

Merry Christmas from the Yukon to my friends and family at large : ) Here is a shameless photo with my dad's not so small puppy Walker ? 

Wish everyone a lot of love, laughter, understanding, forgiveness, peace, happiness, kindness, and fresh perspective over the holidays and into the new year/decade to come ?☃️❄

Canoe Trip Across America Postponed 

I am here to announce that unfortunately my canoe trip across America has been postponed until next summer. Over the last year, my focus had been to finish my upcoming album and graduate university while working as a social worker for a homeless shelter/emergency aid society in Vancouver. 

Saving up and properly preparing for the considerable amount of effort and resources canoeing across America will entail, while also being able to do justice to my dream of capturing meaningful stories and insights about what community means to people across the country at a grassroots level, became unrealistic to actualize this season. 

As I've now learned a few times in my relatively short amount of time on this planet, many endevours, that really mean something to you, take about 10 times more effort and time to nurture into being then what initially seems to make sense. I have been juggling a couple very important dreams and goals and each richly deserve and need the right amount of attention and effort to truly do justice to them. 

The most important thing is to not give up, or to let setbacks stop you from ultimately doing what you are passionate about. That is why I am here to tell you that regardless of how embarrassing it is to not do what I had initially planned and told everyone about this summer, I am not giving up. People can doubt me, or be disappointed, and my dreams may not happen when I had hoped or planned for, but one way or another, I will never give up, and no matter how long it takes, or what I have to do, I will find a way. 

Thank you for understanding.  

On another note, the picture above is from a shorter 100 mile canoe trip I did with my friend Nolan this last week from the top of Baker Lake to Bellingham, Washington. Regardless of scale, it's always good to get outside and spend time doing something you love. 

More adventures, dreams, and the release of my upcoming album are in the works this winter, so stay tuned : ) 

All the best to everyone this fall and lots of love,


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