Happy to announce the release of my latest single "Open Sky"!

Now available on Spotify, Itunes, and most other music download/streaming services.

Creating this really was a labour of love and I couldn't have done it without help from my amazing and wonderful sound engineer and co-producer David Tallarico.

Also shout out to the talented Gert Taberner for contributing to the harmonies, as well as Theras and Olivia Seneshen for their videography skills and help in putting together the music video.

Look forward to sharing some more singles and upcoming projects with you all in the near future!

January Sun 

Sometimes life reminds us on any given day to slow things down just enough to truly appreciate the often simultaneously simple yet extraordinary beauty of what is right in front of us. It wont last forever and we are simply yet extraordinarily lucky to be here for a short while to be part of it all ☀️🙌 



It's nice having mountains, lakes and woodlands only a 10 minute walk from my house 🌲⛰☀️😊  

Sometimes just going outside is all you need.

Welcoming 2019 

I ended off this last year in the same place it started: on the cliffs behind my childhood home overlooking the Ibex Valley in the Yukon Territory. 

Thank you 2018 for all the lessons, insights, opportunities, and challenges. It was another wondrous year of life, love, learning and growing and I have nothing but gratitude for those who I shared it with and to those who have encouraged, supported, and challenged me in all the large and small ways. 

Looking ahead, I am so very grateful for the opportunity of another year of life and the ability/means/determination to actualize the big plans I have for 2019. Best of luck to everyone this year. Keep believing in and staying true to yourself; you are each more powerful and capable than you could ever know. ❤💫🙌 .

Spotify 2018 Wrapped 

I remember not long ago when I'd be stoked if my family or a couple people in my friends circle enjoyed listening to a song I wrote. Having thousands of people listening now is mindblowing to me.. Thank you all so much for the incredible love and support for my music over this last year. It means a lot to me to know that people are connecting meaningfully with songs I've put my heart and soul into. ❤️

New Album 

A great time of year to work on new songs : ) I am pleased to announce that I am back in the studio recording with my talented friend David Tallarico and plan on expanding the "Open Sky" EP to a full album called "In This Place" which I hope to release sometime this coming spring. 

Really looking forward to sharing this new project with you all when its finished. 

Already have spent the better part of a year working on it and hope to drop one more single in the coming months before the full release! ❤


Throwback to when the garden was sunny and green 😎☀️🍃I have always liked how the seasons bring with them different energies and moods. Now that winter is here it feels good to rest and reflect awhile on all the seasons past and prepare for the new seasons to come ❤

November Sun 

Still feeling the warmth in that November sun 😎☀️ 

I've been reflecting a lot on time recently; how easy it is to get lost in the past or potential futures when all we really have is the miracle of the here and now.. Life truly is an incredible and fleeting gift and I've noticed how easy it is in the hustle of this world to feel like it is either too early or too late to do what we really want to do or to find and pursue the dreams that would really light a fire in us. It is so easy to feel like we are either too young or too old to take a leap into the unknown, to do something deep down we have always wanted to do, perhaps even needed to do. 

It leaves me wondering, if we each had one year left to live, one last precious sip of life, what would we want to do? What would we want to think about and what kind of conversations would we like to have with others? How much would worrying and stressing about the grievances we may or may not have with others or ourselves truly matter compared to simply telling and showing those that matter that we love them and taking the time and finding the courage to do the things that deep down we've always wanted to do. What could we each do to leave the world just a little better then how we found it from a place of authenticity, kindness, warmth, and compassion? 

It's time to find the audacity and courage to live like that now. Because despite the pain, the hurt, the setbacks, the struggles, the doubts, and the fears we all face in different ways, it is still an incredibly, breathtakingly, heartbreakingly beautiful world. We were born here, we belong, we matter, and while there's time, there is no time to waste. It's time to find the audacity and courage to forgive ourselves and others, believe in who we are, love each other, and become who we were made to be.

Do What You Love And Love What You Do 

Yesterday after five years of study I successfully finished my bachelors degree in Communications from Capilano University. Felt like an eternity and the blink of an eye at the same time but I feel a lot of gratitude for everyone I connected with in my time there and to those who helped/inspired me to keep coming back and complete my studies.

Now looking forward to diving fully into the dreams that lie ahead, including the release of the first single of my New EP "Open Sky" next week!

Excited to share what we've been working on in the very near future : )

New Single 

I am pleased to announce that after months of recording and mixing with my long time friend and talented producer @david_tallarico, we have finished putting together my brand new single, "Open Sky" : ) 

We will be releasing it in the near future so stay tuned! 🎵😊☀️🌳 #newmusic #newep #studio #friends #summervibes #localmusicians

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