A Full Heart

It's been a couple weeks now since fully releasing my third album, "In This Place", and I can't thank people enough for the incredible support and good energy I've been receiving. So glad people are resonating meaningfully with a project that I gave everything to over the last three years.

In other news my month long sojourn up in the Yukon connecting with my roots has come to a close and I have returned to southern climes. The gratitude I have for my family and friends, and my time spent communing with nature over this last month is beyond what I could properly express in a post. That being said, I am hoping to release a music video in the near future using visuals from the 600 km wilderness canoe journey down the Kluane, Donjek, White, and Yukon Rivers I did with my friend Graham in the height of the fall colours earlier this month that might capture and exude some of that appreciation.