1. Crossroads

From the recording Thirsty Hearts

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I look back on all these years
And the people and place among them
All the things that brought me to tears
And the joys that never seem to end in my mind
I'm left with all these pieces
Of a life ever changing with the tide
Been around the world enough he says
To know this puzzle is something brought together inside


I feel my life unfolding
Hours turn into days
Days turn into lessons
And I don't know where we're going
But as time keeps turning I'm looking for a message
Of love, kindness, and gratitude in a world so divided by our fears
I know there's much to learn in solitude
Can we have the courage to come together while were all still here

Standing at the
Our lives at the

So easy to find our judgments
Of those who do as we have done
And I know we all are different
But our lows and triumphs all come under the same sun
So I'll walk a mile in your shoes
You can have a laugh and try my socks
Still so much to learn through and through
How to keep reach out and when to stop

We keep on finding pieces
When all we need is to find peace
We keep on burning bridges
How many do we burn 'til we feel free
How many do we burn 'til we are free

Because were standing at the
Living at the
Always at the
It ain't easy at the