The Missouri Headwaters at Last

Such an incredible moment and feeling to have my canoe back in the water, knowing that these waters will be flowing down to the Gulf of Mexico 🏞🌞 

I was honoured to be joined by canoeing expedition legends…

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Over Lolo Pass and Through the Bitterroot Mountains

Successfully made it over the Bitterroot Mountains and Lolo Pass on my bicycle portage en route to the headwaters of the Missouri River! 🚲🏔🌞 

This portal through the mountains was incredible, along with some wild and scenic rivers…

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New Journey to the Heart Podcast Episode

Finally a new episode of my Journey to the Heart Podcast is up and running on most platforms! 

It's an epic conversation I had with John Macbeth who lives rurally outside of Pasco, Washington.   

The Snake River…

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Upstream Paddle Completed

I am very pleased to announce that I have successfully reached Lewiston, Idaho from Astoria, Oregon and completed the upstream section of my canoe trip across America! So many emotions that are hard to describe right now and so…

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From the Columbia to the Snake River

Hey friends! Just wanted to do a trip update and let everyone know that after paddling through the most recent heat wave and portaging around the Mcnary Dam, I have successfully navigated the lower Columbia and by sunset last night…

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Paddling Through the Heat

45 degrees C (113 f) as I paddle through Umatilla and still smiling 🌞 Embracing the challenge and how much there is to be grateful for, especially a good hat 🤠🛶🏞 Stay cool, be well, and have a great day…

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Rivers For Change 

Had a wonderful visit in Hood River! (Many amazing people that I met and connected with not shown here). My latest newly released podcast is with Danielle Katz, a world traveler, source to sea paddling adventurer, and the founder…

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Journey to Cascade Locks

Just wanted to touch base with everyone with an update on my journey so far! Due to powerful currents, flooding, and debris just above St. Helens that made paddling up the Columbia for that section almost impossible for two…

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