Paddling and Playing Through North Dakota

I've spent an incredible few weeks in Bismarck, North Dakota area and have met some amazing people here. While the natural beauty of Lake Sakakawea and the Missouri River in this region are truly inspiring, the kindness and generosity of the humans (and sometimes animals) I have met has been on another level 🌅🙏

Feeling very blessed and grateful to spend this special one of a kind moment in time here with such good souls. Even if the weather for paddling has been a challenge and has kept me here a bit longer than expected, sometimes the best things happen when you have other plans. Thank you all so much ✨️

On another note, I have a very special guest on my podcast "The Journey to the Heart" which will be coming out in just a couple days. It features an amazing songwriter I met named Aaron Butcher. We share some good stories, a lot of new music, including newly written songs. So, if that sounds up your alley, you can tune in and subscribe above or where ever you like to listen to podcasts 🎤🌄