Happy to announce the release of my latest single "Open Sky"!

Now available on Spotify, Itunes, and most other music download/streaming services.

Creating this really was a labour of love and I couldn't have done it without help from my amazing and wonderful sound engineer and co-producer David Tallarico.

Also shout out to the talented Gert Taberner for contributing to the harmonies, as well as Theras and Olivia Seneshen for their videography skills and help in putting together the music video.

Look forward to sharing some more singles and upcoming projects with you all in the near future!

Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2018 

Had a great time presenting and playing for the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2018 last week about the 15000 km of bicycling and canoeing I've done with a guitar on my back over the last few years! 

It was an honour to be part of such a beautiful, inspiring, and motivational festival with so many incredible speakers, film makers, event organizers, volunteers, and contributors! 

I wish everyone a lot of joy, learning, and success in the adventures to come : )


Bare Bones Music Video 

I am proud to announce the official music video release for my song "Bare Bones"! 

I have now re-edited and mastered the footage from a trip my friend David and I took down the Wind River a few seasons ago and added some performance footage captured by my friend Jonathan Lowey over the holidays. Hope you like it! 

For those that don't know, The Wind River is in the middle of the Peel Watershed, one of the biggest untouched wildernesses left in North America (no towns or roads). First Nations, conservation groups, friends, family, fellow Yukoners and I have been fighting to protect these pristine lands for over a decade. We fought mining corporations, oil and gas companies, and our own government. We went through three court cases all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court and as of three weeks ago, we won! 

A wilderness area the size of Scotland, including the Wind River is now permanently protected from mining and development. 

I know that our world needs resources, but it brings me a lot of joy and comfort knowing that some incredible lands like the Wind River can remain wild for future generations, there is a lot we can learn from spending time in these places. 

Wishing you all wondrous start to your new year. 

- T

Grassroots Tour Coming to a Close 

Well friends, after bicycling over 4,300 km this summer from my family home in the Yukon, playing music in bars, coffee shops, restaurants, community halls, houses, parks, beaches, wilderness lodges and state parks, I have sold out all the CD's I've brought with me and have decided to end my journey and grassroots tour this year in San Francisco, California. 

Riding the length of Vancouver island, the 101 through Washington and Oregon and the some of the Highway 1 north of here helped me realize in greater depth how special the west coast really is, and inso I want to wait until the rest of Highway 1 south of me in Big Sur is fixed in the coming seasons before touring down to San Diego and beyond. 

It's hard to describe in a few words what this tour has meant to me.. Two years ago I began with a canoe journey in the heart of Peel River Watershed in northern Yukon, one of the largest pieces of untouched wildernesses left in North America. I paddled the Wind River with my friend David, 600 km north to Fort Macpherson, Northwest Territories above the Arctic Circle, before riding my dad's old mountain bike from the 80's (that I used to ride on the back of as a baby) south down a 700 km of dirt road from Inuvik to Dawson City. 

In the time since then, I have recorded two albums and taken ole blue Bessie over 6000+ km south through my hometown of Whitehorse down the length of the Yukon, British Columbia, and now most of the West Coast of the US. The experiences, landscapes, flora and fauna, people, towns, and communities I have met, traveled with and through, have enriched me beyond what one post can do justice.. but I hope to pour the gratitude I feel into new music and eventually attempt a book or two. 

While this chapter may be coming to a close, the journey is far from over.. I eventually will return and hope to take that old mountain bike all the way to the tip of South America. 

For everyone who has encouraged, helped, and inspired me to live my dream, I could never thank you enough.. You are the salt of the earth and I hope that I will be able to pay it forward in my own way in the years to come. 

Peace and love, 

- T 

#bicycletouring #lifeisanadventure

The Redwoods 

Humboldt Redwood State Park has 1/5th of all the remaining old growth redwoods in the world. I felt so fortunate to ride under these majestic giants that can live well over 2000+ years and on average contain 7 times the biomass of the amazon rainforest in equal area. 

Definitely puts things in perspective when you think of the centuries these trees have weathered and have continued to grow through, harbouring sustained life and vitality as humans live out countless generations of idealism, folly, hopes, dreams, good and bad deeds, delusions of grandeur and self importance, only to rise and fall from dust to dust while these trees remain in awe inspiring endurance and tranquility season to season. 

I hope some of these ancient old growth trees can continue to survive, thrive, and outlive us. 

There is a lot we can learn from them. 

#oldgrowth #bicycletouring #explorecalifornia

Tunes at the Boomer Saloon 

Shout out to the Midnight Sun Band! It was fun opening your great set with a few of my tunes at the Boomer Saloon in Laytonville, CA : ) 



Goodbye Oregon; Hello California! 

3400 km peddled from the Yukon Territory since July, 1230 km left to San Diego ☀️💫

#albumtour #bicycletouring

Full Circle 

On May 19th, 2012 I started my first ever bicycle tour in Astoria, Oregon and over the course of two summers went across North America to Portland, Maine busking in towns along the way to fund my journey.  

10,000+ km of biking, 4000+ km of canoeing, 2 albums, and a little over 5 years later, I have come full circle back to that fateful day to the same place, now bicycling the length of North America over the last few summers from Inuvik in the Arctic Circle to San Diego on a grassroots album tour.  

Hard to describe the feelings of coming back to the beginning, thinking of the many miles, stories, storms, friends, and songs that have come in to my life since that day, but if I was to sum it up into one word.. it would be gratitude. 

Album Tour 

Over the course of July and early August, I bicycled 2000+ km from my hometown of Whitehorse, Yukon to Vancouver, BC on a grassroots album tour that saw me pass through some amazing wilderness, mountain lodges, and towns that only further inspired my joy for adventure, nature, and songwriting. I am now en route down the west coast of the US to San Diego and the US mexico border playing gigs and selling copies of my new album, "Shine Through the Dark" as I go. My hope is to finish writing a new EP to record over the course of this winter.

All the best :)


Studio Sessions 

Had a great session in the Beatcave last Friday with my producer David Tallarico and talented friend Caitie Flanagan, who contributed some beautifully ethereal back up vocals for one the tracks on my upcoming sophomore album, "Shine Through The Dark". 

Feel so fortunate to create, play and record music with such gifted and lovely people. Look forward to sharing some of what we have been up to in the near future :)

Singer Songwriter's Circle 

Had a lovely time being part of the singer-songwriters circle that kicked off my friend Noah Derksen's Vancouver show at Anza Club! 

I was lucky enough to meet and then play a few songs between the beautiful and talented songstresses Mila Huebsch and Lizzie Kent. We each shared three original pieces, although next time I hope to collaborate in some way now that we know each other :) 

The music, the people, the atmosphere, and setting made for a magical evening. This however was but one stop on Noah's cross country tour celebrating the release of his latest album "In Search of The Way." To listen and find out more about Noah's rich and soulful new album, as well as tour dates, check out the links below: 



Photo Credit: Sean Peacock & The Permanent Rain Press

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