I am pleased to announce the release of the official music video for my song "Thirsty Hearts"!

Special thanks to directors and producers Kyle Hollett and Kita Nahanni Loeks for their incredible footage from Nicaragua as well as the rest of their team:

Director of Photography - Devin Karringten and
Associate Producer - Mike Babiarz.

Also many thanks to:

Video Editor - Jasper Grau

And last but not least my music producer and good friend - David Tallarico

Much love to you all and I am so glad to be sharing this great collaboration with the world  : )

- T

New Album Release: May 20th

New Album Release: May 20th

After over 5 months in the studio, my producer David Tallarico and I are happy to announce that my sophomore album "Shine Through The Dark" has been officially released!  It is currently available for download from my website as well as Itunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. A different, extended version of the album is also available via hard copy; if you are interested in one of these, please email me at Thorloeks@gmail.com or drop me a line via my Facebook band page.

Special thanks to all the incredible humans who have contributed to and supported this project; your belief and efforts in helping this come to fruition has meant the world to me.



In the last 2 weeks my friends at Lofty Media and I have been working on the official music video of my original song "Break Free". We are now happy to announce it's release, on my birthday no less 

I feel so grateful to everyone who has believed in, contributed to and supported my music and I look forward to stepping into this next chapter of my life with an open and full heart, mind, and spirit.

All the hours, days, months, and years of effort are worth it when doing something you love.

A special thanks to Cedric, camera operator Andrew Fyfe, pilot Geordie Milne, and my producer David Tallarico,

Peace and Love,

- T

Dundrave Festival of Lights 

Had a great time playing for the Dundrave Festival of Lights in West Vancouver last weekend! 

These guys have raised well over $200,000 for the Lookout Society in the last few years, finding solutions for homelessness and support for at risk/low income people all over the Lower Mainland. 

Glad my Rudolf nose and I could take part such a meaningful initiative and thank you Michael for inviting me to play : ) 

Ps: There still are two more Saturday's of the Dundrave Festival of Lights; this Saturday coming up will be an afternoon/evening of world music, which should be a blast! The event is free/by donation, so come on by if you are in the neighborhood.

New Album in the Works 

I'm happy to announce that we've started working on a second recording project and a new LP with my producer David Tallarico. 

The new project will be comprised of eight originals; two blues pieces, five indie folk songs, and one electronic/alternative piece; that explore and illuminate new aspects and styles of my musicality and expression while building off of the spirit and experience of recording my first album, "Thirsty Hearts", that was released last spring. 

A full drum kit and electric guitar will be included among the usual suspects. 

I want to again give a big thank you to everyone who supported, encouraged, and contributed to my last project "Thirsty Hearts". You all helped turn a dream into reality. I hope my newest project will build off of what that enthusiasm and support helped bring into fruition; and I look forward to sharing the new album with you all when it's completed : )

All the best,

- T

Yukon: North of Ordinary 

I didn't know that my album got an artists spotlight in newest issue of "Yukon: North of Ordinary."

Thanks guys : )

Although I didn't end up completing the 8000 km bicycle canoe tour they are giving me credit for, I have big plans for next summer. 


- T

Off Center Fest 2016 

The weekend before last I was invited to play music for these wonderful folks at their now inaugural, rootsy "Off Center Fest". Brittany and Ryan have 50 acres on a wooded hill outside of Port Townsend, Washington, they'd renovated an old bus into one of the nicest mobile homes I've ever seen and ran the whole weekend event off of solar power up on their little mountain. 

I was fortunate enough to meet and hang out with some of the awesome locals and friends of these two and listen to some other great bands who came out before playing on Saturday. About halfway through my set there was a torrential downpour and the campfire nearby was nearly put out billowing smoke into the little pavilion I was playing under. Probably tapping into busking instincts, I kept playing through the storm and with the support and cheers of the epic festival crew and we managed to keep the party alive! Shortly after the full moon came out and we danced and laughed the night away to make for some good times I'll never forget. 

Thank you guys for sharing your dream with me and making me feel so welcome. I'd be happy to help in finishing off the endless bag of bus pancake mix in some of Off Center Fest's to come :)

Previous events

Vancouver Mountain Film Festival 2018 - Mountain Melodies

The Cinematheque, 1131 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC

Hi friends, I am pleased to say that I will be a speaker at the Vancouver Mountain Film Festival this year!

On Sunday February 11th, I will be doing a 45 minute presentation about why I decided bicycling and paddling over 15000 km across North America with a guitar on my back over the last five years was a good idea and what I have learned from it all so far. This will be followed by a musical performance of a few songs I have written along the way, and then a featuring of two of the wonderful adventure films selected this year by the festival.

Doors open at 7 PM show starts at 7:30.

If you are going to be in or around Vancouver, the festival runs for nine days from February 9th-17th celebrating mountain film, sports, and culture. There are going to be some amazing films and speakers involved with the festival this year that I am beyond honoured to see, meet, and participate with including National Geographic explorer Mike Libecki who has been on over 75 expeditions to some of the most remote parts of the world, Iranian adventurer Parvaneh Kazemi who start climbing at the age of 35 and now is the first woman in the world to reach the summit of Mount Everest & Lhotsie in a single season, award winning broadcaster & geneticist David Suzuki, and many more.

I am beyond excited to be a part of all this and hope to see some of you there!


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